Alabama Post License

This is the required course that all sales licensees must take prior to receiving a permanent license. This comprehensive post license course begins with a discussion of business plans and prospecting techniques. Students will learn how to manage their time and money, communicate with buyers, explain the home buying process and property disclosures, and calculate a buyer’s estimated closing costs. Valuable information on communication skills, addressing buyers’ needs, buyer presentation packages, and conducting showings is also included followed by overviews of the home buying process, loans, and fair housing laws. Students will analyze effective methods of showing properties and helping buyers, preparing purchase agreements and CMAs, writing clear offers, and estimated closing cost forms as well as predatory lending practices. This course also helps students prepare listing presentations, determine a reasonable listing price, complete an Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement, and assemble marketing portfolios. After an overview of antitrust laws, students will learn about negotiating offers, assisting buyers and/or sellers from contract through closing, red flags in property conditions, and the importance of documentation. The course concludes with lessons covering such environmental hazards as asbestos, lead, and mold.

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